Chicago, Illinois
May 3-4, 2023

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel

1551 North Thoreau Drive

Schaumburg, IL 60173

(847) 303-4122

Redtail has secured a limited amount of rooms at the reduced rate of $175 plus fees per night. To reserve your room click here. Rooms are first-come first-served and are the responsibility of the attendee.

What is Redtail University LIVE?

It’s time to throw on your finest chef’s hat and grab your grill spatula and serving tongs: Redtail University LIVE is back with cross-country, in-person events in 2023 and this time we’re cooking with gas! We’ll be encouraging everyone to discover their inner chef as we celebrate the joy of FOOD!

Many of us spent time over the last few years getting better acquainted with our kitchens, making time for things we’d never made time for before such as maintaining that sourdough starter, honing our knife skills, or discovering fine new flavors we now can’t live without. With this in mind, Redtail University LIVE is back to help your office with a fully stocked pantry of secret ingredients and well-organized cabinets and drawers full of useful utensils that financial professionals need to give their clients the same warm feeling that comes from a freshly baked apple pie or a perfectly executed crème brûlée.

As always, Redtail University events are here to help financial professionals from every corner of the country in utilizing the right cooking instruments and following the perfect recipe to help set the table for deep, meaningful relationships with your clients! Featuring two tracks, Redtail University events cover all there is to learn about Redtail CRM, while also highlighting the latest updates and functions. Join our Redtail University trainers to have your minds filled with actionable guides to maximize your CRM by attending either our Implement or Strategy tracks

Recommended for newer culinary creators (users for one year or less), one-person offices, or office staff who live in Redtail, the Implement track is all about the functions you have at your disposal and HOW to implement them in your office life. This is a nuts-and-bolts training that shows how to apply the many areas of Redtail in your business by using concepts, situations, and best practice examples. If you find yourself saying “I don’t know what I don’t know” or “I’m only using 5% of Redtail” or “Where do I run reports again?”, then Implement is the track for you!

Recommended for more seasoned chefs (users of two+ years), Office Managers, or Advisors with Staff, the Strategy track focuses on using your familiarity of the CRM, as well as WHEN and WHY to use certain features. While still offering guidance on the functions in the CRM, Strategy offers more of a framework for how all of the tools within Redtail can be used to strategically tackle common situations. The main approach of Strategy is to show users what Redtail CRM is capable of in their office. If you find yourself having “trouble with practice management”, then check out our Strategy track!

Remember though, there is no wrong class to pick, and we’re confident you’ll gain all types of knowledge to use the CRM to help you put together those perfect recipes for success that will have your office running like a well-organized, Michelin-rated kitchen!

*Redtail University events touch briefly on beginner features, but primarily focus on intermediate and advanced applications of Redtail CRM. We suggest having 3-6 months experience using Redtail before attending.


Day 1:

Registration opens at 12pm

Class begins at 1pm

Class concludes at 4pm

Cocktail reception from 4-6pm

Day 2:

Class begins at 8am

Class concludes between 3:30-4pm

Agendas for each track:

Download Implementation (Staff) Agenda here.
Download Strategy (Advisor) Agenda here.


Cost? $599 per person. 

What's included? Each attendee will get a Redtail University workbook to take home, a 2023 RTU t-shirt, andthe opportunity to win some other Redtail swag during your classes. We also provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and the all-important cuppa joe!

What do I need to bring? RTU is a live classroom training on our web-based CRM, so bringing a laptop or tablet to class will help you follow and work alongside our Trainers. We also recommend bringing a jacket or sweater as sometimes the classrooms can get a bit chilly.


Intulse is leader in cloud-based VoIP solutions that also integrates with the most popular CRM solutions such as Redtail. With upwards of 35% of a client base in financial services, they know the unique needs of advisors. With compliant text messaging, faxing, video conferencing and of course voice communications, they have become the go-to solution across the country. The USA based support team works tirelessly to serve as an extension of your organization supporting your telecom needs. Home based in Lancaster County, PA Intulse strives to make all of their clients raving fans, in part by delivering the ‘golden rule’ treatment to each and every partnering organization.

If registration is cancelled more than 14 days before the event, a full refund will be issued.

If registration is cancelled with less than 14 days before the event, no refunds will be given. A promo code will be issued for you or another team member to use within the next 12 months.

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